About Us

As we are reaching critical mass in an awakening that is being experienced across our planet, the collective teachings of prophets, past and present are being revived. 

Modern “rishis” in the west are awakening the consciousness of people through their inspired writings and seminars. Each of these teachers has been sent to us to Remember and Re-Connect with our Spirit. Re-Connection Journeys and Seminars facilitates the meeting of the Western teachers with eastern seekers through unique tours to India.

We invite you to join them on this special journey to India where whilst they share their wisdom with the people of India, you will experience your own Re-Connections as you walk through this ancient land fused with sacred ceremonies and traditions.


Sheena Singh
While publishing the Multicultural Calendar for sixteen years which she hopes has been fulfilling it’s purpose of connecting, enlightening and healing the Essence through the gift of art, Sheena has also stepped into the next level of painting on a much broader canvas. This time, the backdrop is India, where she lived for the first 20 years of her life. She credits her spiritual maturing to the next 20 years whilst living in the States and Canada and has been influenced by many of the books written by what she calls are the “modern Rishis” of the 20th century. She attended workshops and seminars and travelled the world with some of them. A trip to India 1998 crystallized the new vision: what if she could share this knowledge with the Indian people who would otherwise never have the privilege of personally listening and meeting these Teachers through seminars in India. The synchronistic process led her to meeting the right connections in India that are facilitating this dream.


Tanuja Mukerji
Sheena’s partner in India is a very well known actress who is known to millions of Indians for the last 35 years. Tanuja is a beautiful woman whose generosity and tenacity of spirit has seen her through many phases of her life and has aided her own spiritual growth. Her strong streak of non-conformity to Indian traditions raised many an eyebrow during her younger days, but she was always admired for taking a stand. Her network has given us a very strong infrastructure in the media, which will provide maximum exposure for each of the teachers/authors to share their message with the Indian people through workshops.